Tips to find The Best Documentary Wedding Photography Studio in Michigan

As a professional photographer, I am passionate about documenting stories through photographs, on the streets of Detroit or Los Angeles, in everyday scenarios like at family gatherings, on vacation (even 80 feet below underwater!) or home alone with my wife and my dog.  Spending the entire day with the bride and groom presents unbelievable moments to capture emotional, personal and unique images that collectively share the story of this once in a lifetime event!  Images that will be looked at and shared for generations to come that will make you relive and experience those moments again and again. Not every wedding photographer understands this or even attempts to photograph your wedding as a documentary photographer.  Most will certainly capture “candid” photos here and there, but will spend most of their time trying to stage and pose their images while real life is happening all around them. You will need to ask yourself what is most important to you when deciding between others and what we have to offer as Michigan’s premier documentary wedding photography studio. Consider the following reasons as you explore your wedding photography options:

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Reputation –

The Documentary Wedding Photographer should have a history of excellence,a long list of satisfiedclients, famous for its outstanding photography service, awarded internationally by other documentary style wedding photographers, staffed with a supporting team of personally trained photography associates, and equipped with the latest in professional photography cameras and equipment. Ray Anthony Photography has been a Michigan-based wedding photography business since 2002.

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Credibility –

The Documentary Wedding Photographer in Michigan should have professional accreditations and awards with national and international photography associations, a currentl business license,liability insurance which is required at most wedding venues, and listed on preferred vendor lists across the wedding industry.Ray Anthony Photography belongs to Professional Photographers of America, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and has multiple awards with the prestigious Wedding Photojournalists Association.

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Experience –

The Documentary Wedding Photographer should be a master in documentary style photography.  Many wedding photographers in general will claim they photograph “candid” images, but that doesn’t make them a master documentary-style wedding photographer. Ray Anthony Iavasile has honed his craft as a wedding photographer since 1992 and earned his BA in Photography in 1988. Our lead associate, David Yarnall, has been photographing documentary style weddings with us since 2009.  Jack Scicluna began photographing weddings since he was eighteen years old before joining Ray Anthony Photography four years ago.  Our associate, Nicole Duhaime, began photographing with us in 2012. Our most recent addition, Karen Foster, is a graduate from of Mott Community College with a degree in Photography and is completing her second full wedding season photographing weddings with us.

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Availability –

Our flexibility to provide documentary wedding photography is unmatched by other studios. Because we have a multi-member team of documentary wedding photographers, we are staffed to handle multiple weddings per weekend. We also offer unlimited coverage in all of our packages.  This means we do not charge by the hour, start as early as you would have us, and end when the party is over!

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Professionalism –

The team of Ray Anthony Wedding Photographers has the highest of standards. We believe each and every wedding that we are commissioned to photograph is an honor given to us. Prior to the wedding, we go to great lengths to develop a relationship with you, opening up lines of communication so that we understand everything we can about your expectations, your particular preferences, and all the details to your day that are unique to you.  We begin preparing for your wedding the day we first meet.  When the day arrives, we are early in our arrival. We are dressed professionally and  have rehearsed your itinerary before the day begins. We have backup equipment to our backup equipment. We do not take a break unless it is given to us, and the day does not end until the very last dance of your wedding reception! With a Ray Anthony Documentary photographer, we capture the entire story of your day!

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Conclusion –

Documentary wedding photographs are more than just “candid” photography as you will hear other photographers describe. They are carefully crafted, time sensitive to the moment, emotions, available lighting, and the environmental setting. We pride ourselves in finding art in the real moments and unfolding happenings of your once in lifetime experience. Ray Anthony Photography is a professional documentary wedding photography studio in Birmingham, Michigan looking to introduce the art of wedding photojournalism to you and your family on your beautiful wedding day. To commissionour team of documentary wedding photographers at Ray Anthony Photography, please visit our website:

Looking for a Michigan Wedding Photographer? Here are the Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us

Your wedding day is undeniably one of the most important days of your life. Your family members come in town from many different places. Your best friends stand by your side as you say your vows. And most importantly, you give your heart and devote your life to your one true love. So shouldn’t your wedding day be forever remembered in beautiful photography? At Ray Anthony Photography, we strive to create lasting memories of your wedding day through stunning photos. Why choose us for wedding photography Michigan? Read on to learn the top three reasons.

  1. We want to meet you way before your big day to make sure we capture everything you envision. Long before you say “I do” to your spouse, we want you to say “I do” to all we have to offer! That’s why we invite all of our potential clients to come visit us at our studio in downtown Birmingham, Michigan for a personal consultation. We’ll show you many of the wedding albums we’ve done, as well as talk to you about your vision for your wedding and how we can help you achieve it. Can’t meet in person? No problem. We’re happy to meet you over the phone, on Skype or via FaceTime.

  1. We give you unlimited wedding coverage. And when we say “unlimited,” we truly mean it. We are willing to be there from the moment you wake up on your wedding day to the moment you run out the door at midnight to your horse-drawn carriage. Your photos should capture it all, so we’ll be there for everything.

  1. We’re newlyweds ourselves! Our names are Ray Anthony and Beth Ann Iavasile, and we’re the husband and wife team behind Ray Anthony Photography. We just got married in December 2014, so we’re well aware of everything you’re going through as you plan your wedding day. We’ve combined our strengths to bring you Ray’s love for documentary style wedding photography as well as Beth’s unique creative talents that have been nurtured after years of working with Hollywood celebrities. There’s nothing we can’t achieve together!

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    So what do you think? Will you take our hand in this partnership? We’d be thrilled to help you tie the knot with photography.

We promise you that the photographs we capture will be looked back to again and again over the years and make you feel the love, joy and happiness you felt on your wedding day. When you think of best wedding photographers in Michigan, we hope you’ll think of Ray Anthony Photography.

To get in touch with us, call us at 866- 867-6733 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Does Documentary Wedding Photography Matter a Lot?

Photography has long been the visual medium for documenting our lives. The advent of the digital camera and the integration of the camera into our mobile phone has completely changed the landscape of how we use photography and our relationship with photography. The question arises that “if we all have cameras, then do we need a professional wedding photographer, especially a documentary wedding photographer in Michigan? Why not assign a selection of family and friends to capture the event as it unfolds? Or why not, at least, just hire someone from Craigslist or find someone from the local community college who is studying photography? Surely, that would be the cheapest way to go!

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The old adage: “You get what you paid for” is a truism to be heeded. The difference is truly in the skill level, the experience level, and the degree of passion the photographer possesses. Clearly, in a close examination of the artistic and technical fortitude between the novice, less experienced, less passionate photographer compared to the experienced and passionate professional is immense. Do you want masterful, powerful, thorough images that capture the essence of the day, tell the story of your wedding, highlight memorable and truthful imagery of your ceremony and reception, and capture the love you share with your partner and your family and friends? Or will you be happy with, at best, a collection of photographs that lack the skill level of a professional and are mostly bland, lack passion, emotion and creativity? In fact, a lot of professional wedding photographers will tell you that they provide documentary coverage. 

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Here lies yet another consideration: there is a difference between those photographers who include “some” documentary coverage, and those photographers who make it their complete focus for the day! Maybe it’s not important to have your wedding photographed by a specialist in documentary wedding photography.  If so, at least look for a professional whose style you love, who has a proven history of photographing weddings and has many happy clients in his/her portfolio.  But if your desire is for truly unobtrusive, authentic, creative, truthful and unsurpassed excellence from a documentary wedding photographer, find one who specializes in this approach and does so with passion!

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Why Choosing Documentary Style Of Wedding Photography Makes Sense

There are a handful of photography styles to choose from when considering who to commission as your professional wedding photographer. You can hire a Michigan wedding photographer who is a “jack of all trades” so to speak and provides a variety of styles in his approach:  classic, candid and artistic portraiture throughout the day. The wedding photojournalist, however, concentrates specifically on documentary coverage from the moment he/she arrives until the moment he/she leaves at the end of the evening. The one photographer focuses on making sure his photographs are posed correctly, staged to enhance his artistic interpretation, and technically sound.  The documentary photographer is mostly concerned with letting the true story unfold naturally. Depending on his skill level, to find angles and the best light to capture images without interfering or re-interpreting. Here are some of the best reasons you should understand when hiring a documentary wedding photographer in Michigan:

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Minimal Disruptive

Sometimes a wedding photographer in Michigan will take over a bit! You may find yourself waiting a long time for them to get set up and take the perfect shot. They are re-creating a moment that happened, or inventing and creating a stylized portrait.  To do so, they often need extra assistants and carry extra lighting equipment every where they go. It’s the bride, groom, wedding party and guests who must be patient and endure the photographer’s requirement to take the time for setting up. A documentary photographer is very much the opposite. The documentary photographer is always proactive, prepared and in the background of the scene, using his skill and creativity to capture the moment in a way that is usually unnoticeable and unobtrusive to you and your guests.  

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When a photograph is made that was staged, you will always know this when you look back and reminisce.  You won’t have any real or emotional memory attached with these photographs. However, a documentary photograph that is truthful to the real moment captured evokes emotions and is powerful! When you view or share these images in the future, the essence of the moment is preserved.  You will have no choice but to re-live and feel the emotions you felt whenever you see the cherished image.

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Though a wedding is a expensive, detailed and elaborate, there is a lot involved in making it happen.  Months and months of planning and multiple family and friends are involved! With commissioning a Michigan documentary wedding photographer, you will ensure that all the important moments are captured, imagery that includes your loved ones as they are, and all the details that you dreamt prior to the wedding, now captured in reality. No matter whether it’s big or small event, all the behind the scenes moments and people that make it an unforgettable day will be remembered and cherished forever because your documentary photographer understands, like no other, how to document your day through photographs!


It’s obvious that a wedding day is filled with stories – stories about the love you share with family, friends and someone special. Ray Anthony Photography will create a collection of documentary style photographs that capture the stories of your love, affection, emotion for your family, friends each time you look at them. Consider hiring a Michigan documentary wedding photographer at Ray Anthony Photography and be sure of commissioning Ray or one of his associates who all share a love and passion for documentary wedding photography!

To schedule an appointment with one of our documentary wedding photographers in Michigan, feel free to contact us over the phone or through Skype or Facetime!

Things To Know About Documentary Wedding Photography

Your wedding will be one of the most special moments in your life. You’ve possibly replayed it in your mind up to a thousand times – the glittering wedding dress, the attention to detail, the delicious fragrance of food, the excitement of your family and friends, the music on the dance floor, the gorgeous reception venue and ceremony location, and the excellent photography to capture the memories of the day!


It goes without saying, how important wedding photography is. These days, with the “art” of wedding photography being at its pinnacle in the history of photography due to the digital camera, you will have a choice to make as you consider the various styles that wedding photographers offer. Do you want classic wedding photography that is mostly posed and recreated? Or do you prefer more authentic photos that are documentary in style where the photographer blends into the background with your guests? Gone are the days when wedding photographer is so conservative that he literally counts the number of “clicks” on his camera for fear of running out of film! Because of this limitation, wedding photographers before the digital era were mostly portrait in style. In modern times, wedding photographers can go to the opposite extreme! Because they don’t worry anymore about running out of film, they almost mindlessly photograph anything and everything, hoping for a few good images! The best of the best, however, shoot with a high degree of precision and care, and deliver one amazing photograph after the next! This is where documentary or reportage wedding photography comes into the limelight!


What Is Reportage Wedding Photography: –

Reportage or photojournalistic wedding photography is discreet, unobtrusive and candid. It’s particularly suited for couples who want the authentic emotion and feeling of the special wedding day captured on camera. In short and simple words, the documentary wedding photographer will photograph the wedding day as it unfolds naturally with little to no intervention.


Things To Know About Reportage Wedding Photography

  • Upon choosing a boutique wedding photographer in Birmingham, it is important to understand how he/she goes about finding documentary photographs during the wedding day. Their approach is to begin early in the day so that you can get used to having a photographer in the room with you. At first it may feel strange, but you will quickly “tune” them out of your mind as you are distracted by the excitement of the day and your family and friends. When this happens, your documentary photographer will capture natural photographs of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.

  • The important challenge within documentary wedding photography includes capturing the little events – all the things often go unnoticed or are left out by other styles of photography. It’s a shame because its these photographs that show the real enchantment of a wedding day. If you want spontaneous and natural photos, then commissioning a photographer who specializes in a documentary approach is essential.

  • Reportage style photographs work very well in black and white – no doubt the timeless look will surely compliment captured moments and convert them into something very special. Another reason why documentary images are often made black and white is to emphasize the importance of the moment, especially when the colors in the scene become a distraction. That doesn’t mean that color images are not acceptable for documentary photographs. It’s often a subjective decision.

  • Remember that the photos of your wedding day will last a lifetime and you’ll want to show your children and grandchildren the story of your actual day – not a sequence of formally posed portraits without any intimacy and warmth. It might cost you a bit more than a conventional wedding photographer; but when it comes to preserving your memories of the best day of your life, it will be well worth the cost!


Documentary photographs are candid or spontaneous pictures of people and décor that are not posed or recreated moments by the photographer. The moments are real and historical, unique to only your day! Ray Anthony Photography is known specifically as the premier documentary-style and boutique wedding photography studio in Michigan,

For more information about our boutique photography studio in Birmingham, get in touch with us today and feel free to browse through our website for more complete information!