Guest Involvement is the Best Way to Celebration a Wedding Occasion


Weddings are such a gorgeous and elegant occasion that everyone gets very excited about. A Birmingham Wedding Photographer is a part of this occasion that brings passion, enthusiasm and provide a little touch to photography proficiency that smoothly guides you through the wedding process. It is your big day and you have your wedding venue ready with your beautiful wedding dress on, and your florist is delivering your flowers. Everything seems to be ready and you are just hoping it all runs smoothly.  Check for, how busy a Wedding Photographer is in your wedding day!

Wedding Photographer

Involvement and Fun for guest –

There are a thousand things to worry about when you start to plan your wedding, but one major concern for brides and grooms is making sure their guests have fun. Whether you are planning a small wedding with a few close friends and family members, or a huge celebration with hundreds of guests, you want everyone to feel involved and have a great time. A Birmingham Wedding Photographer ensures that the lens captures the crazy & candid moments while everyone enjoying the knot ceremony.

Wedding Photographer

Meet & greet the Guests –

Speaking is the simplest and most effective way to make all your guests feel valued and included. On your wedding day, the bride and groom are the star attractions, and guests are lining up to offer their congratulations and compliments. Make sure no one feels left out by taking a few minutes to speak to each of your guests during the reception. Wedding Photographer keeps track of your important guests prior to the Wedding day and they keep their eyes on to capture the moments of attention someone come close to you for a wish.

Wedding Photographer

Keep the kids happy –

Try to create a selected kids’ area, inclusive with a dressing-up box like little wedding dresses and formalwear for weddings. You can also set up an art table where they can draw pictures of the bride and groom and DJ system where they can have fun. If your venue offers a nanny service, book ahead so that the parents can keep on partying after the children go to sleep. This is the place not only Kids like most but also the parents. The couple can take advantage of the presence of kids and steal some most memorable moments and capture on lens and Wedding Photographer can guide you and create appropriate situations on the wedding day.

Wedding Photographer

Sharing past Memories –

Wedding reception is incomplete without the necessary photo wall or family album. Baby pictures of the bride and groom, some special images of guests, family reunions, or nights out with friends can be best to displayed to have fun as guest try to spot themselves in the occasion. Never the less, a Wedding Photographer can best guide you about having a wall of fame for you on the wedding day.

Wedding Photographer in Birmingham

Don’t worry about the photography –

Bad weather not only affects couples, but also the wedding photographer. Birmingham located in the heart of England is subjected to fair share of changing weather. Professional Wedding Photographer Birmingham is very much skilled tackle the diverse weather situation. During rainy days our professionals take as many outdoor photos as possible from in the early hours on in case it is rains later on. The best trick that we advise placing couples under a tree in outdoor marriage to get almost fully shelters from the rain when there is a light shower. Our photographer have taken some truly beautiful photographs and also managed to stay dry which is always a bonus. You can find the images shot outdoors are like a great range of outdoor image. It is not advisable during a heavy rain or thunders.

Wedding Photographer in Birmingham

Conclusions –

Ray Anthony and Beth Ann offers the best professional wedding photography, Documentary wedding photography for each new inspiring couples in Birmingham. At Ray Anthony weddings you can find the world’s best wedding photography journalists showcasing the most remarkable and wonderful wedding photos. Our professional wedding photographer visits your venue prior to your wedding date, or early on the same day to check out your complete venue and its surrounding areas. When you are passionate about your wedding photography we are ready at our best to offer you. We through our best outputs in the photography industry can prove that you choose the right photographer.  For any query and making your special day memorable call us at our number 866-UNPOSED (867-6733); Visit for more info. For more information stay social with us Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram

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